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Your house’s exterior walls protect your living spaces against the outside weather and temperatures trying to get inside, but they can only keep you comfortable if they’re properly insulated.

Removing, replacing, and upgrading your home’s wall insulation with Standard Insulating Company is the best way to keep monthly energy costs down at the same time that you improve your home comfort.

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Discover How Insulation Upgrades Can Save You Money and Improve Home Comfort Year-Round

Wall Insulation Is a Year-Round Home Asset

When you add insulation to the walls in your home, you’ll benefit all year long and in every season. Many people think of insulation as primarily useful during cold winters, but if you have properly installed insulation and your walls are air sealed and airtight, you’ll be able to keep the summer heat out of your home as well. This results in a home that is more comfortable when the afternoon sun is beating down on the west side of your house come July and August.

Wall Insulation Benefits

  • Home heating and cooling systems run more efficiently, require less repairs, and last longer
  • Improved soundproofing 
  • Qualifies for federal tax credits and utility company rebates
  • Better home performance increases the value of your home

Proper exterior or interior wall insulation will not only increase indoor comfort but you will likely see your energy use decrease, resulting in lower monthly bills. Adding wall insulation will also dampen sounds coming in from the outside and inside of your home, making for a stable and quiet living environment.

How Do You Insulate Exterior Walls?

When it comes to the best wall insulation materials for exterior walls, there are a few options available, and the installation method depends on the unique needs of your house. We can install batt insulation in walls which come in rolls of varying widths that are cut to proper lengths to be secured between wall framing. We also install blown-in insulation—fiberglass or cellulose—which is applied with a special blowing machine into a small hole. 

It can be intimidating to think about insulating existing walls in some of the older homes of the Charlotte area, but projects involving blown-in insulation in walls are actually very simple for a team of experienced insulation experts. A few small drilled holes give our team enough access to your wall cavities to properly reinsulate inside your walls and improve your home’s thermal boundaries.

Start Your Insulation Upgrade with a Free Energy Analysis

Whether you are building a new home and are looking for the best insulation for your walls or upgrading an existing home and are wondering about wall insulation costs, Standard Insulating Company has you covered. Reach out today to schedule a free energy analysis and find out where your interior or exterior walls are underperforming.

Don’t make the mistake of living in an under-insulated home, where you’ll pay too much for heating and cooling and will never be as comfortable as you’d like. From wall insulation to crawl space encapsulation, our team of experts will help you optimize the efficiency and comfort of your greater Charlotte area home.

Lower your energy bills with the added protection of proper wall insulation in your home. Call 704-333-5151 to get started with a free energy analysis.