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April 26, 2019

Purchasing a new home is an exciting time — but homeownership can also come with many worries. You may find yourself asking questions like “How high will my energy bills be?”, “Will the second floor be hot in the summer?”, or “Which home improvement projects should I tackle first?”

Fortunately, these are all questions that an in-depth assessment of your home’s insulation can help answer.

Why Home Insulation Is So Important

Insulation has a larger impact on your home’s energy efficiency and comfort than you might think. Its purpose is to control heat flow into and out of your living spaces through your walls, attic and crawlspace (or basement). In the summer, it keeps unwanted heat out, while in the winter, it keeps valuable heat in. When done right, home insulation can stabilize indoor temperatures year-round, reduce the need to run heating and cooling equipment, and lower annual energy costs.

An estimated 90% of homes in the Charlotte area are under-insulated, so chances are your home could use an insulation upgrade.

Signs That Your Home Is Under-Insulated

It’s not always easy to tell how well insulated your home is. After all, inspecting your insulation on your own would require you to climb into the attic and then somehow look behind your walls. However, there are some telltale signs you can look out for. Signs that your home is under-insulated include:

  • Fluctuating temperatures from room to room

  • A hot upstairs in the summer

  • Cold floors in the winter

  • Constantly running heating and AC equipment

  • High energy bills

Assess Your Charlotte Area Home with a Free Energy Analysis

Wondering if the insulation in your new home is up to snuff? Whether you live in Chantilly, Plaza Midwood, South End, Dilworth here in Charlotte, or in a nearby city like Gastonia, Mooresville, Kannapolis, or Rock Hill, Standard Insulating Company is your trusted local home insulation company.

We offer a free energy analysis to help our customers understand exactly what’s going on with their home insulation. We might find, for example, that your home is lacking important insulation in the attic — and that installing new, blown in fiberglass insulation will keep that second floor cool in the summer. Or, we might find using thermal imaging that your exterior walls are under-insulated.

After we’ve inspected your home, we will provide you with our recommended insulation upgrades. After you give the go-ahead for us to complete any necessary insulation work, your new home will be better equipped to run efficiently, save you money on your energy bills, and keep you comfortable.

Start your new home off on the right foot with an insulation assessment. Contact us or call (704) 333-5151 today to schedule a free energy analysis!