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Your attic is one of the most common areas for heat loss to occur during the winter, and upgrading and installing insulation in your attic is a reliable way to immediately reduce your monthly energy bills, improve indoor comfort, and have more consistent indoor temperatures. Despite this, about 90% of homes in the Charlotte area remain under-insulated. Is your home one of them?

Reach out to Standard Insulating Company for your attic insulation quotes in the greater Charlotte, NC, area. Our comprehensive attic insulation services, from insulation removal to attic insulation replacement and air sealing, help homes throughout the greater Charlotte area, from Mooresville down to Rock Hill and Gastonia over to Kannapolis and Concord.

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Discover How Insulation Upgrades Can Save You Money and Improve Home Comfort Year-Round

How Attic Insulation Works

Properly installed attic insulation materials provide year-round to keep indoor temperatures more consistent, reducing the need to run your heating and air conditioning systems. In the winter, insulation along the attic floor keeps valuable heat from rising into the attic and escaping through the roof. In the summer, it prevents any accumulated attic heat from seeping down into your living spaces.

When installed by a trusted and experienced insulation contractor, attic insulation offers an impressive range of benefits, including:

  • More stable indoor temperatures

  • A cooler home in the summer

  • A warmer home in the winter

  • Reduced need to run HVAC system

  • Lower energy bills

  • Greater energy efficiency

DIY vs Professional Attic Insulation Installation

If you are an enthusiastic DIYer, you may consider installing attic insulation yourself. However, it is a task that demands specific skills, safety measures, and an understanding of building codes. For those who are less familiar with the process or do not feel confident undertaking such a task, hiring a professional is advisable.

Here's a basic breakdown of the steps involved in installing attic insulation:

  1. Removal of Existing Insulation 

  2. Air Sealing

  3. Installation of New Insulation/Radiant Barrier

Remember, each of these steps needs to be executed correctly to ensure optimal insulation. This is where the expertise and experience of professionals like us at Standard Insulating Company come into play. We ensure that the insulation is installed correctly, maximizing its benefits and longevity.

Our Attic Insulation Process

While the insulation process varies from home to home, a complete attic insulation project may include a number of key steps, including insulation removal, air sealing, installation of fiberglass insulation, and radiant barrier installation.

Removing insulation from your attic

Insulation can deteriorate or become damaged over time due to excess moisture exposure, mold growth, dust, and dirt accumulation, or pest infestation. Our team can determine if your existing attic insulation has settled or become damaged, and if so, perform professional insulation removal in a way that protects your home from contaminants and prepares the attic space for new insulation.

Air sealing

Before laying down new insulation, it’s important to seal air leaks which let air travel freely into and out of the attic. These leaks are often found around recessed lighting, plumbing and wiring penetrations, the attic hatch, and roof joists. Our team uses high-expansion spray foam to seal air leaks before installing new insulation.

loose fill attic insulation

Fiberglass insulation installation

Many homeowners come to us wondering, “Do you insulate the attic ceiling or just the attic floor?” At Standard Insulating, once any damaged insulation is removed and all air leaks are sealed, our team will install blown-in fiberglass insulation along the attic floor. Blown in fiberglass is extremely effective at stabilizing indoor temperatures and is able to fill even the smallest spaces in the attic. We use high tech equipment to blow fiberglass into the attic without disturbing your home.

Radiant barrier installation

For additional protection against the summer heat, we may also recommend installing a radiant barrier as part of your insulation upgrade. As a superior insulation type for roofs, usually installed along rafters and attic walls, a radiant barrier is made from a highly reflective material that diverts heat away from the home.

Attic Insulation: Our Best Home Energy Efficiency Tip

If you are looking for ways to make your home more sustainable, and more comfortable, or are hoping to add value to your home with attic insulation, Standard Insulating Company is here to help. Once we have had a chance to talk to you about your home insulation concerns, as well as your comfort and energy goals, we will start with a free, in-depth energy analysis to assess your home insulation. Should we discover that your home could benefit from an upgrade, our team can handle all aspects of the attic insulation process — while even helping you qualify for up to $250 in rebates from Duke Energy, reducing attic insulation costs. 

Indeed, the importance and benefits of attic insulation are far-reaching. So, don't wait any longer. If your home is part of the 90% in the Charlotte area that remains under-insulated, it's time to take action.

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