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August 11, 2020

  1. Did you know that temperatures in your attic can reach upwards of 160ºF in the heat of summer?

  2. That’s hot enough to reach the recommended safe internal cooking temperature for most meat!

  3. But all that heat in your attic could be at fault for your stuffy and uncomfortable home and high energy bills.

  4. So, how can you keep all that heat from accumulating in your attic? With a Fi-Foil radiant bar installed by the home comfort experts at Standard Insulating Company!

  5. A Fi-Foil radiant barrier is installed underneath your roof in the attic, and is proven to reflect 97% of all radiant heat on your roof. 

  6. This can reduce your attic temperatures by 30º, and improve your heating and cooling system performance up to 50%

  7. This keeps heat from infiltrating your home in the summer, and prevents heat from escaping in the winter

  8. Lowering your energy bills and increasing your home comfort, no matter the season. 

  9. Plus, each FI-Foil radiant barrier comes with a 20-year Transferrable Warranty on Materials & Labor!

  10. Looking to take control of your hot attic? Ask Standard Insulating Company about radiant barrier installation today!