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August 27, 2021

Noticing tiny cracks appearing in the attic or crawlspace of your home? While this is usually normal (especially in older or historic homes!), cracks leak air to the outdoors and make your home less energy efficient. Luckily, the experts at Standard Insulation Company are here to help you eliminate air leaks in your Charlotte, NC home!

Common signs of cracks causing air leaks include drafty rooms or increasing energy bills. Cold floors over your crawlspace and hot upstairs bedrooms can also indicate that your home’s attic and crawlspace air sealing and insulation are insufficient.

Let’s learn more about air sealing an existing home from the Standard Insulating Company pros.

What is Air Sealing, Exactly?

Air sealing is the process of sealing gaps that present opportunities for air to move into or out of your home. This process improves the efficiency, health, and comfort of your residence.

When a technician is air sealing your home, they will check all the areas of your attic or crawlspace for seal integrity and fill any areas which are allowing air to come and go. We often use high-expansion insulating spray foam or other caulking and sealing products to ensure the best fit for each site. 

Attic Insulation

Air loss and heat transfer in the attic is incredibly common because attic air leaks tend to go unnoticed or unmanaged for longer stretches of time. Attics are typically used as storage space, so a hot or cold attic doesn’t impact your home’s comfort in an obvious way. That said, the temperature of your attic has a greater influence on your home’s efficiency and comfort than most homeowners realize. 

Our variety of attic-focused services can make an enormous difference for your whole home. Did you know that radiant barriers can reduce the emittance of radiant energy by 97%?! We are proud to offer attic insulation, air sealing for attics, and radiant barriers to improve your at-home experience. 

Air Sealing & Insulation: Better Together!

Air sealing services are typically paired with insulation projects because while eliminating cracks and gaps through air sealing can decrease your utility costs by 10% alone, adding insulation too saves the average homeowner an additional 20%! 

As trained experts, the team at Standard Insulation Company has seen the difference before and after the addition of air sealing and insulation, and our customer reviews speak volumes about our professionalism and dependability. We’re confident that you’ll be pleased with your results.

Boost your home’s comfort and efficiency by adding air sealing. Call the pros for help at 704-333-5151, or schedule a free energy analysis online today!