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energy audit infographic standard insulation

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A free energy audit from Standard Insulating Company will show you how your Charlotte, NC home uses energy and where it’s being wasted so that you can make targeted home performance upgrades. Your energy assessment will include our recommendations for strategic improvements that will help you save energy and create a more energy efficient home. 


Insulation creates a barrier that slows heat transfer, keeping heat in during the winter and out during the summer. 

Attic Insulation

Most winter heat loss happens in the attic. Attic insulation stops heat from rising up into your attic and out of your home. 

Wall Insulation

Adding insulation to your wall cavities will make it easier for your home to contain heat. Wall insulation can also stop outside noise from getting in and make your home quieter.

Floor Insulation  

Insulating the floors above your basement or crawl space will eliminate that cold floor feeling and make your entire home more comfortable. 

Air Sealing 

Sealing up gaps and cracks around windows, doors, plumbing penetrations, and other unintentional openings will prevent cold drafts and help your insulation work better, leading to a more comfortable, energy-efficient home. 

Insulation Removal 

Dirty, wet, and damaged insulation doesn’t slow heat transfer effectively and it can also hurt your indoor air quality. Removing ineffective insulation is an important part of your insulation upgrade. 

Radiant Barriers 

Radiant barriers are usually installed on roof rafters and attic walls. They reflect radiant heat and can reduce radiant energy transfer by as much as 97 percent. 

Crawl Space Solutions 

Crawl spaces often account for about 15% of a home’s heat loss! Insulating from the foundation up will help keep your home comfortable and your utility bills low. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation 

Crawl space encapsulation protects against moisture, pests, and mold in addition to heat transfer to keep your home healthy, dry, and comfortable. 

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