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Why You Need Insulation & Air Sealing - Standard Insulating Company

Insulation and air sealing work together to stop energy waste and save you money. Don’t make the mistake of installing one without the other! Call Standard Insulating Company today. We’re the best insulation and air sealing contractor in Charlotte, NC. 


Why You Need Insulation and Air Sealing 

An insulation update is a great way to improve your home's comfort and cut your energy costs. But in order for your insulation to work properly, you need to have air sealing, too. When installed together, basement and attic insulation and air sealing will help you: 

  • Save money on heating and cooling bills 

  • Keep your home more comfortable year-round 

  • Get rid of cold winter drafts 

  • Improve your indoor air quality 

  • Reduce your energy consumption

How Does Insulation Work? 

According to the laws of thermodynamics, heat will always move from a warmer location to a colder one. This creates a major problem in your home—during the winter, heat from your furnace will always be trying to escape to the cold outside while in the summer, outside heat will want to make its way in, where your AC is keeping things cool. 

Insulation creates a barrier that slows this process, making it much easier for your heating and cooling system to maintain a stable indoor temperature. This will make your home more comfortable and reduce energy waste, helping you save money on energy bills. 

How Does Air Sealing Work? 

When homes are built, a lot of materials are joined together. These joining points are not perfect—small gaps are often left between them. Gaps are also created around plumbing and wire penetrations, recessed lighting, attic hatches, and many other locations. 

These gaps are called air leaks because they allow air to leak into and out of your home. Air sealing is the process of closing up air leaks. Spray foam is often used to air seal attics and basements. It’s sprayed into openings and expands to fill them in, creating a tight seal. For smaller air leaks, caulk is often used. 

How Do Insulation and Air Sealing Work Together? 

Insulation and air sealing address different forms of heat movement. Insulation slows down conductive heat transfer while air sealing blocks heat that’s being carried by air. Together, they protect your home against outside temperature influences and keep your heat and AC inside where you want it. 

In a house that’s insulated but not air sealed, heat will be carried into and out of the house via air leaks, significantly reducing the insulation’s effectiveness. If your home is leaking air, you’re not getting much value out of the insulation you’ve installed. 

Upgrade Your Home for Insulation and Air Sealing Savings 

Want to enjoy all the benefits of air sealing your attic? Standard Insulation Company is the air sealing contractor to call. We’re a dedicated, dependable insulation and air sealing company that has been serving Charlotte, NC homeowners for many years. We find affordable and effective ways to stop energy waste so you can save money and stay comfortable all year long. Our amazing staff goes the extra mile to make our customers happy and we’re not satisfied with our work until you are! 

Stop energy waste and save money! Call (704) 333-5151 or contact us to learn more about insulation and air sealing services.