Amazing Service with an Owner Who is Very Involved

First of all, there's something about doing business with a company where you are able to talk with the owner, it adds a comfort level that just isn't there when you are doing business with "chain" companies. From talking with David the owner, he worked his way up in that company from a salesperson to now the owner. So he knows all aspects of the business and that's pretty impressive to me. Now to the work his company did for me. I needed some insulation added to my attic. Being an older home it wasn't as comfortable as some newer homes I have been in. When I looked into this I found that I didn't have anywhere near the amount of insulation I needed in my attic. I did what I normally do and got online to do some research. I called Standard and David was the one who answered. He came out to my house personally and gave some suggestions. He was very honest with his assessment. I was actually prepared to do and spend more, but he told me some of the things I was looking to do were not necessary. That impressed me. He could have easily told me I needed everything that I wanted and taken more money from me. His employees showed up on time. They were very professional when they were in my home reinsulating my attic. They cleaned up after themselves when they left. And I couldn't be happier. My house feels so much more comfortable now. I can already tell that my AC unit isn't turning on and off as often as before. So its not running near as much as it used to. I haven't received my first power bill since they were here but I am confident my power bill will come down over time. Thank you Standard Insulating Company!!!

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Andy Bacot