November 2, 2021

Plastic spiders and faux webs are a sure sign that Halloween is coming! But what does it mean when you start seeing real spider webs around your Charlotte, North Carolina home? 

Spider webs in...

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front of house at night
October 29, 2021

Find out how energy vampires like poor insulation and air leaks can make your home uncomfortable and expensive to heat and cool. No tricks—just treats: Standard Insulating Company offers a variety of home performance upgrades to help. Schedule a...

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house with snow dusting at beginning of winter
October 21, 2021

Make sure these insulation problem areas are on your winter home preparation checklist! Learn about the signs of poor insulation in a house, how to prevent ice dams, and more. Standard Insulating Company installs all types of insulation for...

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front view of a one story blue house
September 8, 2021

Save money and improve home comfort with whole home insulation services for your Charlotte, NC house. Standard Insulating Company explains why whole house insulation is important and how you can tell that your insulation needs to be replaced....

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unfinished under insulated crawlspace
September 2, 2021

Find out what happens when your crawl space is under-insulated and how Standard Insulating Company can find the right crawl space solution for your home. Should you insulate the floor above your crawl space? Does an encapsulated crawl space need...

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radiant barrier partially installed in attic of house
September 1, 2021

Considering foil face home radiant barriers in Charlotte? North Carolina homeowners are turning to radiant barriers to manage hot attic temperatures and mitigate strain on their cooling systems. Standard Insulating Company is here to help you...

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north carolina house blue with covered front porch and a bike
September 1, 2021

Can a house be too insulated? Can you have too much insulation in your attic? Learn how insulation guidance has evolved from the trusted local pros at Standard Insulating Company. Enjoy your most efficient and comfortable home yet thanks to...

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small gap in wall seam of home
August 27, 2021

It's important to air seal your home to decrease energy bills and maintain your indoor air quality, and attics and crawlspaces are great places to start. Standard Insulation Company are your trusted local experts for residential air sealing and...

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humid home, condensation collecting on window of home
August 3, 2021

Learn how humidity affects mold growth and what causes mold in a house. The expert team at Standard Insulating Company can help you control humidity levels and prevent mold growth in your Charlotte, NC, home with crawl space encapsulation,...

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damp wall of cellar or crawlspace
May 6, 2021

The solution for musty smells & water under your Charlotte NC home is crawl space encapsulation from the insulation experts at Standard insulating Company. Our experts can identify the sources of excess moisture, then air seal, insulate, and...

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